Lean, agile design & development of web and mobile apps

Web & Mobile App Design

It all starts with stunning visuals. If has to be simple, intuitive, meaningful and useful. Our bars are set high – if our moms cannot figure out the software, we weren’t successful. We draw inspirations from the best around us.

MVP Development

You have users that you know are going to buy your product? No? You need a minimum viable product to prove your idea, get the first few paying customers and run with this until you reach the point where you build a scalable product.

Web & Mobile App Development

From simple 10 screen apps to complex, multi tenant email marketing platforms and social networks – we have the experience! We know when to use 3rd party, best of breed software and when to roll out our own solutions.

Software Development & Support

You have users lined up to pay for your product? Do you have a team to build and support it? Do you need a team to work on things other than your core product? That’s where we come in.

What Differentiates Us

We have launched 3 of our own products

Anybody can build you a backend application, web app (SaaS) or a mobile app but not many have launched SaaS products before. We have been through the grind, lived the grueling life of bootstrapping, developing minimum viable products in our past business, done guerrilla marketing on a shoestring budget. We know what we are doing and bring that expertise to the table. Lean on us.

We are your technical co-founders (0% equity)

You know your business and you know how to market your product. You just need a technical team to execute your vision without having to manage them like a hawk. You need someone that would be challenging you if you are straying from your vision (we all do one time or the other) rather than just being a coding monkey. You need someone that you can just hand over responsibilities to and be sure they will be done perfectly. We are exactly that.

We are used to doing more with less

We have been there, done that and are still doing it! We know what it takes to get an idea off the ground, when you need to spend money, where to cut corners, when to spend more on development, when to move that spend to marketing, what technology choices to make so you reduce your operational expenses moving forward. Anybody can build you a car, but we can show you how to hack your growth.

We have worked in many verticals over years

Most design and development companies are experienced in a few business verticals. Our principals have worked across electronic trading, logistics, transportation, healthcare, insurance, banking, ecommerce, Automotive, Real Estate, Consumer (B2C), Non profit, Marketing, Utilities .. Did we say we have varied interests? Oh yeah – we do!

Proof – Non Techie Small Business Owners Love Us

"Nisos Technologies' ability to understand the market really sets them apart. This is cutting-edge technology with so many moving targets. From what we've seen, they deliver very well, and we're planning to use them for many other projects in the future"

− Deputy Chief Technology Officer, GigaSpaces (Software Middleware Company)

"Nisos Technologies were willing to sit down and have that in-depth discussion before the work began. One other thing that was unique was that they used a very consultative approach. I felt more like I was working with somebody that understood there were business issues involved and that we were going to use software to solve those issues together"

− Chief Executive Officer, Aerodynamic Email (Email Service)

"I rarely say this about any teams or individuals, but I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Nisos Technologies's performance and delivery of work. Everything was delivered before the scheduled date and the quality of work was fantastic"

− Chief Executive Officer, Startup Social Responsibility Website

"Great advice, which has helped our project immensely. Delivered exactly what we asked for!"

− CEO, B2B survey SaaS Company

"I will definitely work with them in the near future on other projects. They are very professional and easy to deal with"

− CEO, Options Trading Platform

"Easy to get in touch with. Very professional. A firm I highly recommend and will be using again."

− CEO, USClaims Services (B2C Claims Processing Company)

"Extremely professional, understood the job, made intelligent recommendations, delivered on time and earned my trust for future work"

− CEO, vFit Shoes (Patented ECommerce SaaS Company)

"Overall we were very happy with the work completed by them and we plan on using them for future projects"

− VP Technology, Automotive Parts Supply Company

"Nisos Technologies has been very helpful and responsive, and they know what they are doing. I would use them again, and I would refer them."

− Chief Executive Officer, Wine Cellar Company

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