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Top Mobile App Developers New York

We are honored to have received the "Top Mobile App Developers New York 2015" recognition from a third party research vendor (http://clutch.co).

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Platform for personality assessment of job candidates

“Nisos Technologies has been very helpful and responsive, and they know what they are doing. I would use them again, and I would refer them. They were very fast. Anytime we emailed, Nisos responded right away. Maybe they could do the marketing too. I haven’t thought of that, but maybe I could ask them about that. “India Hynes, CEO, Vinotemp

Online shoe shopping – a shoe that fits

“I was very impressed with the level of work I got from them. Nisos had the ability to assess my needs, take an old broken-down database and reverse engineer it in order to get it up and running, and modernize it. We were working under a really tight budget and some tight timelines.”
Andrew Hanscom, Founder & CEO, vFit Shoes

Social Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs

“The approach that they took was very customer-focused. We received frequent updates, and they set up the development to be an open process in terms of their internal discussions and how they figured out the implementation of various aspects.”Kris Schumacher, COO Sandcrate

Mobile app for tax preparation

“Nisos does really high-quality work. Any time we have a problem, they will fix it really quickly. They have been able to understand all our questions, and they implemented the design we gave them really successfully.” Luke Stanley, Co-Founder, Schwingo

White Label Email Marketing And Newsletter Platform

“One other thing that was unique was that they used a very consultative approach. I felt more like I was working with somebody that understood there were business issues involved and that we were going to use software to solve those issues together.”Shea Oliver, CEO, AeroDynamic Email

Non-Profit Business Management Platform

“I rarely say this about any teams or individuals, but I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Nisos Technologies’s performance and delivery of work. Everything was delivered before the scheduled date and the quality of work was fantastic.”Karam Hinduja, CEO, Karma WorldWide

Looking to scale up your software development team?

We co-create complex software products with our ISV customers and can help you. Being an ISV ourselves, product management and guerrilla product marketing is in our genes. We understand the build, measure and learn cycles very well. Working on long term engagements with you allows us to really understand the complexities of your business domain and bring our experiences from other business verticals to yours.

We work best with customers that understand product development is a marathon - not a sprint.


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Failed with outsourced software development before?

So had we! After successful stints at VMware, Oracle, Informatica, IBM etc. our founder and managing principal went on to launch 3 SaaS platforms. We got our start from the lessons learnt while failing (ouch) at outsourcing software development. We took the time to understand what it takes to be a really amazing outsourced product engineering team.

Most of our clients had failed at outsourced software development and spent significant time and money with amateurs before they joined hands with us - it was our mission to change their experience and WE SURE DID. Our customers' success and what they say about us are what bring us to work - sometimes even on holidays.

How We Ensure Your Success

Need a team you can call on to deliver IT projects on time, on budget, and on value?

While 70+ % software development projects fail, we have had a 95+% success rate. Lean and agile software development for independent software vendors (ISVs) is our DNA and impeccable project execution is our forte. We work best with ISVs that consider us as an extension of their core team & want to engage with us on a long term basis.

Web and mobile solutions to connect your employees, customers & partners.

Social Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs

Web Application Development

Software as a service (SaaS) have already become the biggest differentiators for digital businesses. Whether you are launching a new digital business or are transforming a yourself to a digital one, you need to accelerate how you deliver innovation to your customers - or, bluntly put, be left behind. To win this game, businesses are leveraging new technical architectures, delivery and operational models & spending more time in delivering customer value rather than in infrastructure and operations. Are you going to be left behind?

Recruiting tool predicting a candidate's personality and cultural fit - 3

Mobile Application Development

Every business is a digital business. Every company is a technology company. Most executives whole heartedly acknowledge the importance of mobile apps as critical to their businesses. Whether they are productivity, sales, customer service, management or operational apps - mobile apps are reshaping almost every aspect of how we work, live, learn, and engage with everyone around us. How do you connect with your employees, customers and partners?

Aerobyte Web Portal

Digital Experiences Design

Your customers, employees and partners expect a seamless, multi-channel digital and integrated experience with you. Be it across the desktop, mobile, tablet, in-store or out-of-store - they want to engage with you anytime, anywhere, anyway they want to. Are you ready for an instant gratification, impatient economy? It's not just about a SaaS or a mobile application - it's about the entire engagement lifecycle of a customer, partner or employee with you and your brand. How prepared are you?

Location testing for mobile applications

Geolocation Testing Mobile Apps

Tired of field testing your geolocation based mobile apps? Wish you could see how your app would work if a user is walking or driving around with it? What if your target markets are all over the world? Maybe the biggest cities, the busiest streets - do you really know how your app will work there?
Want an easy way to test your app in random areas (geofences), random streets? Use our FREE APIs in your app. Code locally, test globally.

How We Develop & Deliver Software

Let us help you wow your customers

We are a bunch of people that want other people to be successful. We were founded with a singular mission - "Be a company that our customers, employees and partners are proud to work with". There are a bazillion software development companies in existence - why else start yet another one? We are driven to be a true partner for our customers - not vendors.  Everybody says that - We actually live and breathe it everyday.

It's not just about how good the software we built is - it is about how we conduct ourselves, how we engage with our customers and our values. As Zig Ziglar said "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.". That's how we engage with our customers, employees and vendors - everyday.

Your customers are going to love you - we guarantee it

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