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Our clients retain us for our strategy, customer experience design, custom software development services. We have launched our own SaaS businesses before. We still maintain the lean, agile culture and help clients be agile, develop and deliver software products to market fast, build and grow their ideas.

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Do you need mobile app development services?

We have been recognized by an independent 3rd party B2B research firm ( as a “Top mobile app developers, 2015”. We design and develop killer iOS and Android mobile apps and our work speaks for itself.


indiahynes“It was developing an iOS/Android mobile application. It’s on the Apple Store right now. They were responsible for the entire development, from design all the way through to UI/UX. I ended up working with them on a personal level. We were discussing the launch of the app and had them market it. They were very helpful with that process. Nisos Technologies has been very helpful and responsive, and they know what they are doing. I would use them again, and I would refer them. “

Can our web application development services help?

We create robust and scalable web portals, e-commerce web apps, CRM solutions, websites, custom SaaS solutions for retailers, distributors, ISVs, startups.


AeroDynamic Email - an email marketing reseller platform“As a startup, we didn’t have any software. I needed someone to build the software. I wanted to outsource the development work. There are a couple of things that really drew me to working with Nisos and with Ronnie [Guha, founder of Nisos Technologies] in particular. Part of it was that I had a vision for the software that was relatively confined and limited in terms of what I wanted to do. They were able to come in and make suggestions. For example, without much more work, we could make this system significantly more flexible and significantly more scalable and, ultimately, that would result in something much better that I could take to market.”

Custom software development for your tech business

Our specialists know when and how to apply various system integration practices, can speak to your “build vs buy” choices at length, can advise you on on-premise vs cloud solutions, migration strategies etc. While we are strong believers of not “reinventing the wheel”, we understand that for many business cases, reinventing the wheel might very well be the solution to the problem.


Real time change data capture solution for Gigaspaces“If I were to give them a letter grade, I would say A+. They have definitely delivered. Nisos Technologies’s ability to understand the market really sets them apart. This is cutting-edge technology with so many moving targets. They have quite a bit of history with this market, especially in memory compute, virtualization, cloud, and special geo-location based technology. From what we’ve seen, they deliver very well, and we’re planning to use them for many other projects in the future.”

Do you need help with customer experience design?

Winning today’s always connected customer begins with customer experience design. It’s not about pretty colors or crazy, funky designs – but the experience your users are having while interacting with your brand. Where do they start experiencing your brand? How do they interact with your brand? Where do they expect customer service to be and how? What does the user interface look like? Are the designs customer centric? These are the problems we help solve.


Karma - ngo business management web application“I rarely say this about any teams or individuals, but I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Nisos Technologies’s performance and delivery of work. Everything was delivered before the scheduled date and the quality of work was fantastic. There was a lot of them guiding us as to what needs to be done since we didn’t have the tech background.”

Idea validation, development, marketing help for startups

We began our journey as a SaaS company and know what it really takes to build, measure and learn while creating a startup. Launching a startup and growing it takes more than custom software development or mobile / web app development – it needs growth hacking, idea validation, pricing strategies, user experience design, fund raising, pitch decks and more. We have learnt from making all the mistakes possible – leverage our special full scale services for startups.


kris-schumacher“We had built a MVP using an off-the-shelf software named BuddyPress. We quickly ran into the limitations of the system, and reached out to Nisos as a partner that could understand our business needs in developing a professional, top-of-the-line system. We’d worked with multiple developers up to that point, maybe four or five. Some were better than others, but none really met our needs until we found Nisos.”

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