How we can help

Leverage our healthcare IT expertise to reduce your risks. Whether you are looking to go to market quickly with your healthcare solution, trying to deliver better patient care, increase & retain member enrollment leveraging technology - we are here to help.

Healthcare software vendors

* Outsourced software product engineering
* Outsourced software testing
* Application re-engineering (to cloud based)
* EHR and legacy application development and management

Healthcare providers

* Custom Clinic Management software
* Custom Healthcare provider directory and online appointments
* Custom Healthcare reputation management software
* Custom Learning management solutions for healthcare
* Physician referral management software

Healthcare insurance providers / payors

* Mobile app for member engagement
* Customer service portals
* Health and wellness mobile apps
* Physician referral management systems

Nisos Technologies provides custom software development and software solutions for healthcare providers, healthcare software companies (Independent software vendors) & healthcare insurance firms. We help our healthcare clients leverage the latest in cloud technologies to get a step ahead of their competition.

While our competition serve all industry verticals, we speak the language of healthcare IT and have a laser focus on the healthcare industry. While our competition focuses on the technology itself, we focus on how the latest technology can help reduce your OPEX, afford you faster time to market and gain more customers.

We’ve been working with the same clients for over 2 years (average)

What clients say about working with us

CEO, FullHouse

"Their team offered many hours of free consultation to help develop the strategy. Their value went way beyond the job. Their work lived up to expectations and often they were able to improvise solutions to things without getting bogged down with every single detail. They have a good method of keeping a project moving forward."

COO, Sandcrate

"The approach that they took was very customer-focused. We received frequent updates, and they set up the development to be an open process in terms of their internal discussions and how they figured out the implementation of various aspects"

CEO, AeroDynamic

"One other thing that was unique was that they used a very consultative approach. I felt more like I was working with somebody that understood there were business issues involved and that we were going to use software to solve those issues together"

CEO, Karma

"I rarely say this about any teams or individuals, but I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Nisos Technologies’ performance and delivery of work. Everything was delivered before the scheduled date and the quality of work was fantastic... constantly delivering in advance of the deadline we put in front of them."

Deputy CTO, GigaSpaces

"They’re very professional and very detailed. Their work shows a depth of understanding, not only of the technology but also of the market. It’s unique to see people that actually can leverage both of these to educate a community and customers, and bring these two elements together. It’s not easy, but they do it very well."

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