Stop losing revenues from patient referral leakage

“Massachusetts Attorney General 2011 Study : Examination of Health Care Cost Trends and Cost Drive” showed us that less than 45% of patients referred ever make it to your offices.

EHRs and EPMs will not solve your referral leakage problem. A smart combination of CRM, referral portals, provider directories and contact center solutions will.

We can help you reduce your patient referral management headaches.

Increase revenues by leveraging technology for patient engagement & satisfaction

According to a study by Accenture, hospitals that offer an improved patient experience have shown up to 50% higher margins than competitors. Hospitals rated a 9 or 10 on HCAHPS are more likely to have higher margins.

While EHRs and EPMs have some tools to communicate with patients, when it comes to patient engagement, relationship management, education etc., they hardly scratch the surface.

We can help you improve your patient’s experience of your brand with a combination of technology and people solutions.

Increase new member enrollment and retention with consumer focused technologies

Member engagement is top of mind for most insurers according to a study by Change Healthcare.

With narrowing networks and increased member financial responsibilities these days, keeping services in-network, providing better customer service and member education tools and meeting consumer demands for a “retail-like” consumer experience is needed.

We live and breathe digital transformation with a focus on consumerism. Leverage our expertise to solve your member engagement challenges.

Increase compliance and reduce risks of fines with a learning management system

Your clinical and nonclinical staff are already overburdened with daily tasks. Whether it is HIPAA or PHI related training, retraining, re-certification or something else, continual education is crucial. With the latest advancements in digitally transformative technologies, there’s really no reason that continual education should be a financial or time burden on your health system.

We can help you increase your compliance and reduce risks of fines with a custom tailored learning management system. See how we work with you.