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  • Is your team great in web development but lacks the expertise in mobile? Or vice versa?
  • Is your product engineering team struggling to keep up with your software’s ecosystem integrations?
  • Are you looking to develop an MVP, go to market, iterate until you find the product market fit?
  • Are you tired of software development firms that don’t share the risk with you nor take ownership of their work?

AWS’ partner ecosystem integration – AMS/ServiceNow scoped app

nisostechnologies-aws-expertiseAmazon Web Services had launched their managed services offering (AMS) in Dec 2016. While that worked well, most of their enterprise customers wanted to integrate AMS within the context of their ITSM/ITOM software – ServiceNow. AWS product managers needed to launch a ServiceNow store app that would help their customers and MSPs that worked with their largest customers. We helped AWS develop the AMS Integration app that allows customers to create managed resources in AWS and get a common view of all resources and processes across all environments via ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is just one of the various ITSM platforms that AMS needs to integrate with. AWS could have easily hired their own team of ServiceNow developers, trained them, had them develop the product. But this doesn’t really provide the ROI nor does it make any sense in doing so.

Together, we developed this solution in less than 4 months. A win-win for both AWS’ sales team and customers.

Testimonials of our work

  Nisos Technologies was knowledgeable and very quick to respond. Their team offered many hours of free consultation to help develop the strategy. Their value went way beyond the job….

CEO, Restaurant Industry

The project was finished within a month. Nisos was extremely responsive and proactive throughout, resulting in a great finished product.

CEO, Retail Firm

Nisos does really high-quality work. Any time we have a problem, they will fix it really quickly. They have been able to understand all our questions, and they implemented the…

CEO, Tax accounting platform

The approach that they took was very customer-focused. We received frequent updates, and they set up the development to be an open process in terms of their internal discussions and…

COO, Idea management platform

GigaSpaces’ Partner Ecosystem Integration – Delta Server

GigaSpaces provides the leading in-memory computing platform for fast data analytics and extreme transaction processing. While they are the leaders in high performance computing, their customers typically need the product to fit tightly within their investments in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 on mainframes etc. GigaSpaces sales teams typically need to beat these incumbents and GigaSpaces wanted to put these “bake offs” to bed, once and for all. We helped GigaSpaces develop a “delta server” (mainframe MIPS offloading solution) by integrating GigaSpaces XAP with Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server. This allowed their customers to propagate real time change data from any data source to GigaSpaces XAP for further processing.

We developed this custom software in less than 4 weeks. A win-win for both GigaSpaces’ sales team and customers.

Some kind words from clients

They’re very professional and very detailed. Their work shows a depth of understanding, not only of the technology but also of the market. It’s unique to see people that actually…

Deputy CTO, GigaSpaces

I was very impressed with the level of work I got from them. Nisos had the ability to assess my needs, take an old broken-down database and reverse engineer it…

CEO, vFit Technologies

I rarely say this about any teams or individuals, but I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Nisos Technologies’s performance and delivery of work. Everything was delivered…

CEO, Nonprofit fundraising platform

One other thing that was unique was that they used a very consultative approach. I felt more like I was working with somebody that understood there were business issues involved…

CEO, Email marketing platform

Brighton Health Plan Solution’s Member Management App


Brighton HealthPlan Solutions’ “Create” platform is the first health care marketplace in the New York and New Jersey area that partners directly with integrated health systems of doctors and hospitals to improve care and reduce costs. Recognizing the importance of member engagement and the fact that the world is driven by mobile these days, the technology and marketing teams at BHPS needed to build a mobile app for member engagement. Instead of building a mobile app development team, related expertise and the associated overhead, BHPS reached out to us to become an extension of their web development teams.

We developed this member management app with 50+ screens in 5 months. A win-win for both BHPS’s marketing team and their customers.

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