Can HIPAA compliant digital patient intake help your practice margins?

In short – yes. Digital intake forms software or kiosks can help you improve your healthcare practice’s dwindling margins. With the latest advancements in cloud based technologies, these are not only possible but many of these features can be availed at little to no cost per month. The longer term ROI is tremendous and my advice is to take this under serious consideration today.

How much does it cost to develop custom software for (insert a problem here)

Everything depends on your own risk appetite, your budget and the kind of control you want on the project. Price ranges (hourly) can be from $20 – $250. Project budget ranges can be from $10-$1MM +. Again, depends on how you approach working with the development partner, who you choose to work with (this depends on your risk profile), what your budget is and what outcome you are looking for.