Amazon Chime For Business

Use Amazon Chime for telemedicine, unified communications and more. See how you can connect medical professionals and patients over messaging and video for remote consultations during out-patient or in-facility care.

Amazon Textract For Faxes

Stop hiring more staff just to handle more faxes, prior authorizations, EOBs, referrals, prescription authorization requests, superbills and all. Put Amazon Textract to work, have your staff oversee Amazon Textract’s output. Problem solved.

Reduce contact center workflow costs with AWS

Amazon Connect along with its ecosystem of cloud services helps you reduce your contact center costs tremendously. Here’s a short guide on how we achieve economies of scale for our customers.

Amazon Athena for healthcare data

Use Amazon Athena to find referring providers near your office locations, using CMS, PECOS data and more. Start querying data instantly. Get results in seconds. Pay only for the queries you run.

AWS Lambda to reduce hardware expenses

AWS Lambda lets you run your business applications in the cloud, with robust security (HIPAA eligible as well) without any IT headaches of provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume – there is no charge when your code is not running. Use Amazon Lambda to reduce your expenses in a big way.

Amazon Honeycode For Business Process Management

Amazon Honeycode lets your staff be more productive. We all live on spreadsheets, do some levels of project management, have operational checklists/tasks, timesheets, approvals etc. Honeycode takes all those messy spreadsheets and lets you create mobile and web apps without IT departments.

Amazon QuickSight For Business Intelligence

Amazon QuickSight helps you gain deeper insights into your business without any software or hardware headaches. It runs in the cloud and charges you only for usage. This is the world’s first usage based business intelligence solution. What’s more? Amazon Quicksight allows advanced insights for all users that leverages machine learning as well

Amazon Pinpoint customer engagement

Leverage Amazon Pinpoint to easily communicate with your customers and patients over multiple channels. Win more customers, patients and retain them for life.