Complementary review of your development strategy.

Getting cloud native digital products to market fast without having to build the internal team expertise is not easy. This means developing the MVP without compromising on quality, going to market, iterating until you find the product-market fit. Of course, once the product market fit is achieved, you should build out your own development team.

Your sales team is out there pushing your software but almost all your customers are asking for your product to play well with their existing investment in other software. These integrations aren’t a core part of your product, so is there any reason why you need to build an engineering team for that? Nope! That’s where you leverage people like us.

Don’t be a statistic. Don’t fail. Do it right the first time.

Begin your success story today

Are we a good fit? We won’t know until we talk. More often than not, we end up pointing people in the right direction if we don’t see a good fit. Within 30 mins we can help you diagnose your strategy and can give you a few pointers on :

  • What’s great about your plan
  • What needs improvement
  • Whether you should just shelve the idea or hit the ground running
  • What you need to prepare for hiring a firm (if at all)

Click here to email and let us know what software development needs we can help you with (hello [at] nisostech [dot] com). We will email you 3 times if you don’t respond. Don’t worry, we don’t keep emailing or calling if you don’t show interest.

Here’s what you can expect when you contact us.

  • We will send you an automated email to set up a time to talk. Look for this in your inbox/spam folder.
  • If we hear back from you, we will spend some time on our end to research the business problem you mention. We will also look at some of your competitors to understand what you are up against.