Can HIPAA compliant digital patient intake software help your practice margins?

In short – yes. Digital patient intake software (web based or in kiosks) can help you improve your healthcare practice’s dwindling margins. With the latest advancements in cloud based technologies, these are not only possible but many of these features can be availed at little to no cost per month.

The longer term ROI is tremendous. Just consider the benefits:

  1. Patient happiness
  2. Staff Productivity
  3. Actually prepare for the patient’s appointment
  4. Validating patient’s insurance information & identity
  5. Treat the new millennial patient with confidence
  6. Collecting copays and balances
  7. Help your bottom line

We can help you customize your practice’s patient check-in experience with your choice of – patient phone based, tablet/iPad (hand-held), desktop system (web based), patient check-in kiosk etc.

Whether you choose tablets, kiosks, mobile phones, our digital patient intake software helps patients update their demographic details, edit or update insurance information, sign electronic consent forms and even make payments.

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