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Geomarketing solutions for enticing the zombie generation.

Smartphone users are increasingly being compared to a bunch of zombies. Whether it is responding to a Candy Crush request, liking a status update, sharing an awesome Facebook post, watching a funny cat video, using Foursquare to check-in at a restaurant or seeking directions from Google Maps, we are obsessed with the little screens in our hands as if our life depends on it.

Never before in human history has staying informed, connected and entertained been made possible by a single gadget. And never has the time been more ripe for marketers to connect with their customers in real time while they are in the act of consuming products and services.

Precision customer engagement through Geomarketing

Precision customer engagement through Geomarketing

Driven by the intention of consumption, a new breed of smartphone wielding consumers are actively seeking and dispensing information about the latest gadgets, restaurants, spas, fashion tips, holiday destinations and other hedonistic avenues.

Adoption of location based apps is high and rising amongst such consumers; this presents brand marketers the opportunity to leverage check-in location and preferences data to drive real-time foot traffic. Plus, if the apps are equipped with geofencing technology, the efficacy of geomarketing apps can be increased further.

Consider this – Melanie, a fashion conscious teenager has installed Polka-Pundit, an e-commerce app of a multi-brand fashion portal on her iPhone. It’s the weekend and Melanie is off to the Mall to catch up with friends. As Melanie’s car approaches the mall and is within 100 meters of it, she receives a coupon code from Polka-Pundit to tell her that she can avail 15% discount on the pair of Diesel jeans she has kept on her wish list. All she has to do is to arrive at the Diesel store within the mall and present the coupon code at time of purchase.

A Geomarketing Platform for Location-based Solutions

This turns Melanie into one happy puppy thanks to the impulse purchase triggered by Polka-Pundit.

The possibilities geomarketing technology opens up for location-based campaigns is endless. Marketers can send discount coupons for coffee to those who are lingering around the vicinity of a café. Not only that, specific time slots can be chosen to send time bound offers like a dinner time meal coupon that will expire within 60 minutes.

The beauty of location-based geomarketing lies is the fact that it gives marketers the opportunity to influence consumer buying behavior in real-time.

GeoMarketer: A Geomarketing Platform for Location-based Solutions

Whether you are looking to add geomarketing functionality to an existing app, create a new one or run a location-based campaign, we can deliver it. GeoMarketer is our proprietary geolocation platform for developing and monetizing location based solutions.

GeoMarketer is packed with all requisite APIs and SDKs that go easy on battery life of the user’s mobile device. Our platform performs complex GIS computations with ease while intuitively making sense of big and fast data to ensure that smart marketing solutions are delivered.

GeoMarketer Platform Overview

GeoMarketer is a scalable platform for developing location based solutions. Mobile device OEMS and enterprise partners can effortlessly and swiftly add rich geolocation capabilities to applications and devices thanks toGeoMarketer. It is a feature rich and easy to use platform for creating new applications, creating complex scenarios and triggers & adding POIs. Scenario, Trigger, Layer and Application level analytical reports can be generated to test efficacy at each stage of the development process.

Cloud Computing Powered Geomarketing

Cloud Computing Powered Geomarketing

Cloud computing coupled with advanced analytics is at the heart of GeoMarketer which intuitively makes sense of Big Data and Fast Data to deliver smart marketing solutions.  Ours is a secure platform that leverages proven as well as emerging technologies to aid you in conquering this new frontier in marketing.

Extensive Geometry Support For Precision Geofencing

At Nisos Technologies we understand that there is more to geofencing than a simple circle around a dot. The fact that virtual solutions cannot mimic real life situations without intricate geometry is not lost on us. As a result, a plethora of geometric shapes have been included for greater accuracy. Moreover, our point and click feature makes creating arbitrary geofences an effortless activity.

Lean Software Development Kits (SDKs) For Longer Battery Life

Geomarketing Lean Software Development Kits

Mobile devices are notoriously infamous for draining battery life each time the GPS feature is turned on. Our SDKs combat this issue by strategically utilizing triangulation, positioning and identification technologies to minimize memory bandwidth thereby conserving battery life.

Time-dependent And Distance Specific Notifications

GeoMarketer allows developers to create triggers that send notifications at any desired time of day or to any user who has been in the geofenced zone for a specified amount of time.

For example – During lunch time on a week-day, pubs experience low footfalls of patrons walking in for drinks during early opening hours. An app can flash a “buy one get one free” offer for certain drinks to a customer who is within the specified zone for more than 10 minutes as this may indicate that the customer is there for leisure.

Geomarketing by Geotargeting pub patrons

Similarly, developers can also create action triggers for target users who are at a certain distance in or out of the geofenced zone. The notification can be triggered at any distance.

Getting Started With Our Geomarketing Services

Does everything you’ve read so far sounds right up your alley? If yes, then answers to the following questions will help us increase customer engagement for you –

Do you already have an app?

You do? That’s great; we will give you a SDK (Software Development Kit) which you will have to simply embed in your app.

You don’t? No problem, use a fully functional app of our own which you can start using for all your geomarketing needs. Alternatively, we can build an awesome app for you if you so desire.

What location or locations do you want to run your marketing campaign in?

NisosCloud: The Geomarketing Technology Platform

This will help us to create geofences and generate the necessary GPX/KML files which are necessary for application performance and testing.

What are your target zones/geofence specifics?

Depending on your campaign brief you might want to target users inside your specified zone or when people are outside it, but within a certain distance. Accordingly we can configure triggers to go off when those geofences are breached or approached.

When do you want to run the campaign?

Tell us about the duration you want to run the campaign for and other time specific details like days of the week, times of day that you want to target customers with offers.

Are there any time specifics we should know about?

We can build intelligence into your solution to initiate action only if the user has been in your specified zone for a certain amount of time (so we don’t target people who are just driving through the neighborhood). Also, you may want to initiate action as soon as the user exits the zone.

What type of actions do you want us to take?

Actions can take place in the form of push notifications to the mobile device, SMS notifications and we can even update your back-end platforms so that your own notifications remain unchanged or show an image on the user’s screen and so on.

Do not hesitate to approach us for full fledged consultation to discover how you can take advantage of your customer’s mobility to ensure that the research to purchase cycle is accelerated in your favor.