Employers need to reduce their employee healthcare related costs while improve employee health and increasing engagement. Health and wellness software helps you with just that.

Studies show that up to 90+% of chronic diseases are related to employee lifestyles. While this directly translates to higher healthcare related costs for the employer, this also mandates that employers get more active in encouraging healthier behaviors from employees.

Empowering your employees with an “always available”, mobile first, health and wellness program will certainly improve employee behaviors & lower health risks.

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Backed by a powerful and flexible employer portal, our health and wellness software helps employers

  • Survey personal health assessments of employees
  • Recommend specific health and wellness mobile apps to employees
  • Partner with healthcare providers & consultants to share educational material with employees
  • Track employee participation and success
  • Provide tools for employees to live healthier lives
  • Reduce healthcare related costs and risks






Our health and wellness apps helps employees

  • Plan and track their wellness goals
  • Get educational videos on demand
  • Get real time reminders (push notifications)

Reach out to us if you’d like to explore this further at your organization.



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