Healthcare consumerism has turned the tables around on traditional healthcare practices, hasn’t it? Do you know how a healthcare reputation management software helps with this situation?

Now, instead of relying on their PCP’s referrals or finding physicians near their home, patients are looking at online reviews of medical providers, comparing their options, seeking recommendations, comparing hospitals, ER wait times .. the list goes on.

Since patients are bearing a higher percentage of the out of pocket healthcare costs, healthcare consumerism is not only on the rise, but it is going to be mainstream.

Healthcare practices need to monitor their online reputation and actively seek out positive patient reviews. Not only that, they also need to be engaged even more with patients to avoid losing them to outside their networks.

Our healthcare reputation management software helps you gain more online reviews from patients and monitor your online reputation 24×7.

Gain more patient reviews

  • Send automated surveys to patients when they leave your practice
  • Survey your patients while they are at your practice itself
  • Create review request templates in any language that your patients prefer
  • Create review request templates specific for SMS or email
  • Resolve dissatisfied patients & get higher reviews

Monitor your online reputation 24×7

  • Define Tracking Parameters for Social media
  • Monitor Social Mentions on your social sites.
  • Review the Social mentions using a single dashboard on the platform.
  • Dashboard For Monitoring Tweets
  • Collaborate / Share Information

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can gain more patient reviews and monitor your online reputation


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