The various stakeholders in a healthcare integration project nisos technologies

The various stakeholders in a healthcare integration project

Stakeholders in an Integration Project             Integration projects are often the bane of many clinicians and practice managers/administrators. Often there are concerns that Information Technology staff or contractors essentially hijack the project and control both its goals and implementations despite the fact that most integration projects – especially those relevant Read more…


Using DirectTrust

The Integration Challenge Anyone who has developed software in healthcare or managed healthcare integrations is well-aware of the challenges presented by such projects. There are cost concerns due to sometimes unfavorable licensing and maintenance arrangements with vendors or because of scaling issues that would necessitate building large numbers of interfaces Read more…


CCDA Interfaces

CCDs are far from perfect as they often lack data that clinicians seek out and are sometimes difficult to work with; moreover, it has been evident that EMR vendors have not implemented them consistently. That said, they do provide a degree of standardization, and they have – to an extent – eased many of the headaches involved in providing meaningful and actionable healthcare data to end users whether it be on the administrative end or for care providers.



            Previously, we have discussed FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and its likely role as the future primary means of integrating healthcare data. To review, FHIR, allows developers and organizations to efficiently build healthcare information technology applications by accessing discrete data through standard APIs that work over internet-based protocols (e.g., Read more…