What to expect when we work together

We don’t sell a “bunch of guys to code what you want”. Each engagement is led by a partner that’s invested in your success. Being a niche, focused business, we have the luxury of doing so. We will never be a large outsourcing “body shop”.

The first step is for both of us to determine if we are the right fit for each other. This includes discovery of fit for:

  • Software development and delivery timelines
  • Software development methodologies
  • Software development budget (fixed price or time and materials) – we only take on projects we can deliver profitably
  • Your experience with software development projects
  • Your approach to short vs long term software development engagement & software dev roadmap


In this phase we spend time in scoping out and planning the various parts of the custom software we are going to build. The goal is not to have the perfect time estimates nor all the requirements laid out – but rather to understand what the various moving parts are, the risks, the opportunities etc. We also like to determine an approximate budget that you, the product owner should be willing to commit to, for the success of the project. Of course, we are an agile software development team so we work in iterations. This allows you to make course corrections and adjustments in every sprint.


In this phase we research more about the domain problem (if we haven’t already worked specifically in your domain). We also discuss what the success factors would be, what the minimum viable product is, what success would look like, what the initial goals are, what your users would be willing to pay for, what assumptions can we go with in the first phase of the product lifecycle etc.


This is the actual development and delivery phase. During software development our sprints last around 2 weeks. At all points, we remain in constant touch via tools like Trello, Skype, Phone, email, Slack etc so that there is complete transparency on both sides (product owner and development) and each party knows exactly what is being built and what’s expected. Being a distributed team and working with clients that are not local, we tend to avoid phone calls that lead to the age-old “Lost in translation” effects. Of course, if you prefer phone meetings, we are happy to oblige.


Regardless of the size of your project, your team will always include a team lead or principal that is engaged with you. We then populate the team to fill positions that complement your way of business to ensure that personality, availability and expertise are always matched to the project. We allocate a dedicated team for the duration of your project who will collaborate with you from inception to design to development and post-launch. You only communicate with the team lead. It’s our team lead’s responsibility to take care of everything else.

Typical Project Communications


Discuss + document Requirements (you and us)
Select requirements for a sprint (you and us)
UI/UX Design (us)
Sprint based development & delivery (us)
User acceptance testing (you)

Global Delivery Team

Project Lead
UI UX Designer
Backend Developer(s)
Frontend Developer(s)
Mobile Developer(s)