Our approach to agile software development, delivery & project management

During the implementation & stabilization phase, we follow tried and tested agile techniques for the highest levels of collaboration with our clients. This also allows the entire project team (including the client) to go to market faster, gather user feedback quicker and there after make decisions on the following sprints more effectively.software development - Key Agile techniques

How we deliver software (agile software dev approach)

Our typical agile sprints follow a 2-3 week cycle. We also plan on the following sprint while a particular sprint is ongoing. This means that while we are working on Sprint #N, we plan for the sprint #N+1. A sprint is started only after the user stories/requirements for that sprint are solidified and agreed upon along with your inputs. The QA process is embedded in our daily development activities. Every sprint has a “definition of ready” specification before we start with the activities. A sprint is delivered to you only when we attain the “definition of done” for each sprint/features/collection of stories.

Typical Agile software Development Processes at Nisos Technologies

How we report progress during agile software development

We will provide your Project Manager with a weekly status report. The weekly report will include the % of completion for each user story, key project delivery milestone status, estimated completion date for each milestone, as well as any other information relevant for the delivery of our project as may be agreed upon between us.

This report will be also used to track action items and escalations between us. A weekly project status review call will be setup between us and your project manager to review the content of the weekly status report.

We tend to like Trello for status reporting and having everything documented – while we don’t have to stick to Trello, it really is quite fantastic.

Nisos Technologies software development project Management Using Trello

How we track issues during software development

We will use systems mutually agreed with your project manager or your suggestions for requirements management, issue tracking, document management, source control and other support functions during the course of the project.

We recommend using following support systems for the project:
• Requirements – Atlasssian Jira with a combination of Trello
• Issues – Atlasssian Jira with a combination of Trello
• Source Control – BitBucket or GitHub
• Calls/Conferencing – join.me, uberconference or Skype

Nisos Technologies Software development issue Tracking using Jira

We should mutually agree priority assignment for all Critical, High and Medium severity issues – it really helps to be on the same page. In the case of a significant dispute, the issue(s) will be escalated to be resolved via the escalation procedure set forth below.