Learning management systems for healthcare have been around for a while.. but we still find gaps in the way learning management is handled at various healthcare systems.. why?

In a recent panel discussion of a group of education experts in New York, most cited that “Colleges and universities must continue to embrace technology and new ways of teaching if they hope to engage students”. The panel included James E. Ryan, the dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A couple of well known and basic themes arose during the discussions.

Students these days are born with technology expectations embedded in their daily lives. These students are born with a “mobile first” mentality, expect to communicate with the world around them via technology and carry these expectations into the classrooms.

Meanwhile, studies show that over 50% of employees are overworked. Whether you are working at a hospital, laboratory, life sciences firm or any healthcare practice, continuous training is a necessity.

Training needs can be related to compliance, pharmaceutical product education for your reps, preventive care training, image based e-learning or any organization specific training you might have.

Employee education requires time and resources. Why not leverage that mobile phone that each one of your employee has and carries with them all the time? Why not leverage that phone to deliver customized courses and allow them to get trained whenever, wherever they want?

There are several good options for off the shelf healthcare learning management systems in the market today. Just ask us and we can recommend a few to you as well. Most of these need serious IT and consultant involvement to get started as they present a vast array of options to you.

However, If you prefer simplicity and faster time to market, contact us to learn more about our healthcare learning management software.

We have developed a simple yet effective mobile based e-learning delivery system that allows healthcare training administrators to develop simple Q&A based training with images while monitoring employee/staff participation.

With our simple, no-frills learning management system you can:

  1. Set up simple Q&A type training for your students or staff
  2. Upload correct/wrong images for each training question
  3. Deploy your training to your staff within a few days
  4. Allow your staff and students to train themselves using a mobile app

Basic, simple learning and training management that doesn’t involve a tedious set up or IT involvement.



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