Studies have shown that > 45% of faxed referrals don’t convert into a scheduled appointment. More than half of referring physicians don’t get to know whether their referred patients were scheduled, whether they showed up, what the specialist diagnosis was. A physician referral management software can truly help.

These inefficiencies have bogged down our healthcare system and made it even more expensive than it has to be.

Even if you don’t care about healthcare interoperability issues and associated deficiencies, understand this – studies have shown that annual leaked revenue per physician is approximately $1MM. How does that make you feel?

With patients constantly flowing in and out of your networks, can you really afford referral leakage? Do you consider keepage as a top priority? If not, you should.

Consider it as a huge competitive advantage to generate and keep more revenues in your system. The tighter your referral network, the quicker you see patients, the less you let slip through the cracks – all translates directly into revenues.

We have built robust physician referral management systems that can either stand alone or be tightly integrated with your EMR.

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