Is fundraising a headache for you?

“Biggest challenge is seeking assistance for CSR contributions for various project(s)”

“We have a FCRA.. how can we get international funds?”

“Fundraising is the number 1 challenge that we are facing in being able to grow bigger”

“Yes, our challenge number 1 is to have money for the cause“

Does this sound familiar to you?

You are not alone – every nonprofit we talk to, is saying the same thing.

Do you want to raise more donations?

CSR funds or corporate donations can take your nonprofit to another level but they also take a lot of dedicated marketing efforts, require you to have a solid database, hold well attended events, stakeholders, market research etc. Their interests lie in branding, community engagement, product placement and employee engagement (whatever helps their bottomline in some way). Corporate donors talk about products, market research, proposals and corporate volunteering opportunities. Are you ready for these? Have you been preparing your nonprofit along these lines over years? We can help if you are ready for this.

You should chase these large donations, but, never forget the long tail.. the individual donors. Even Charity Navigator reports that 70% + of all donations come from individuals rather than corporations.

Do you really want to ignore the individual donors?

How do you market effectively to individual donors? With social media and mobile being so pervasive, here are a few things we do to help nonprofits fundraise and market better.

How we help nonprofits with fundraising and marketing


Get the basics right first

First we ensure that the basics are in place (if you already have these taken care of, GREAT ! else we will handle these for you)

  • Your website needs to be mobile and SEO friendly
  • Your website should be able to accept donations online (Any one – PayUMoney, CCAvenue, PayTM)
  • SSL needs to be enabled and your website should be available 99% of time
  • 3 corporate email accounts created (Microsoft Office 365 licenses are free for nonprofits)
  • Offline donor support services (e.g. chat enabled on your website)
  • Mail Chimp account set up (for email marketing)
  • SMS account setup (if SMS marketing is desired)
  • Social media pages created for your nonprofit (not personal pages)

Impress and engage with donors on Facebook

The whole world is on Facebook. Make sure you have a solid presence there. However, since 2016, simply posting pictures on Facebook doesn’t help anymore. You need to have a lot of followers and they need to engage with your posts (like/share/comment etc). Facebook only helps brands that people are actively engaging with. This doesn’t happen easily but can be achieved over time. You need to have conversations with people. Connect people to your cause.


Get donors from Facebook to your website

Spend on Facebook Ads, BUT, make sure that you are bringing these people to YOUR website and not just interacting with you on Facebook. You need to think of using Facebook as a channel to get people to your website. Most people are using mobiles all the time. Make sure your website is 100% mobile friendly and loads FAST. Make sure that your website looks perfect on mobile.


Capture donations on your mobile website

Make sure you accept donations online. Most nonprofits make a big mistake and ask people to donate via cheque or bank transfers. Who has time for that? Donors are not as committed to your cause as you are. There are TOO MANY nonprofits to donate to. If you have a potential donor on your website and cannot collect donations from them RIGHT THEN AND THERE, you might as well forget about it.


Capture non-donors to stay in touch

Think longer term – at the most, 10% of the people that visit your website will actually donate. 90% will go away and never think of you again. You need to keep reminding them about you using google display ads (re-marketing). Not only that, if a person is not ready to donate just yet and is about to leave your website, what do you do? You have one last chance to capture their email address so you can stay in touch with them. Do it.


Publish your stories and grow your name

People want to hear stories about the work you do on the field. Broadcast videos, pictures, write short stories, share testimonials, show off the results of donations.. In other words REALLY engage with your donors and potential donors.


Convert non-donors to donors or advocates

Stay in touch with people that didn’t donate via email and amaze them with the awesome work you do. Nurture this relationship as they could be future volunteers or future donors. They could even share your story (that you email them) on their social media pages. Do it, this is very important.


Ask for donations when the time is right

Ask for donations when the time is right. Who do you think is more likely to donate to your cause? Someone that visits your website often or someone that has only seen your story once? Use the latest in marketing automation technology to send donation requests at the perfect time.


Make fundraising a daily activity

Don’t be like most nonprofits that raise money, start working on their projects and don’t get time to raise money for sustenance. That’s a sure way to always be in a “panic mode”. Consider marketing and fundraising things that you have to do everyday.

If you have not mastered the art of marketing or don’t have the team to do all of the above, we can help. This is exactly what we do… everyday.