The various levels of support & services we offer

Technology Plan

These are basic requirements to meet before we start any marketing activities. If you are not ready with these, we would handle all these for a fixed cost.

  • Your website needs to be mobile and SEO friendly
  • Your website should be able to accept donations online (any one of the gateways)
  • SSL needs to be enabled and your website should be available 99% of time
  • 3 corporate email accounts created (Microsoft Office 365 licenses are free for nonprofits)
  • Offline donor support services (e.g. chat enabled on your website)
  • Mail Chimp account set up (for email marketing)
  • SMS account setup (if SMS marketing is desired)
  • Social media pages created for your nonprofit (not personal pages)


  • A professional website helps current and future donors, and partners verify the existence of your organization and makes you look more ‘professional and real’
  • Your website will be available at least 99% of time (we monitor uptime)
  • Your website will be mobile friendly and will be fast (we do regular performance checks)
  • We also ensure that your website will be secure as we regularly run security checks
  • Your website will be backed up regularly
  • We also take care of your all renewals (hosting, domain, SSL etc)
  • No need to pay extra for web hosting, domain and security. We will take care of all in our yearly renewal costs
  • Your organization WILL look more professional when applying for donations, grants, tenders, volunteers etc., and give donors and partners a place where they can go to find more information about your organization
  • Donors will be able to donate in just 2 simple clicks – no more waiting to be sent checks via postal service

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Already have professional mobile and Facebook friendly website and social profiles? Don’t worry, If you meet the basic requirements below then we will not charge you for our technology plan and get you started with our communication or, fundraising plan.

  1. Website has to be mobile friendly
  2. Website should have 99% availability (uptime)
  3. Website should be secure (SSL enabled)
  4. Website has to accept donations online (At least one)
  5. Nonprofit has to have a Facebook page (not a personal page), preferably a Twitter and linkedin company account as well.
  6. Nonprofit has to have organizational email accounts (not just gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc)
  7. Nonprofit should have live donor support services on website to answer any questions that website visitors might have
  8. Newsletter setup via Mailchimp should be configured and available for use

We need

  1. Website admin credentials have to shared with us
  2. At least one corporate email address for Nisos has to be created (preferably 3)
  3. Campaign page has to be completely under Nisos supervision

Communications Plan

As a nonprofit, you need to talk to a lot of people. The public, your supporters and staff, funding bodies and corporate sponsors. If you’re struggling to find the right voice, we can help with the following:

  • Regular updates on your website (content provided by your volunteers every week. We need videos and images along with some details about the media)
  • 8 posts on Facebook and Twitter per month
  • Personalized newsletters to your existing donors/month (max 2000 total emails – name, email address required)
  • Monthly reporting


  • Regular web updates help you to keep your web presence up-to-date (if we manage your website)
  • Regular Facebook and Twitter posts help you to share your stories on social media.
  • Your followers will always updated about your organization activities e.g. your ongoing projects, events, volunteering programs, campaigns etc.
  • Your existing donors will get regular updates about your ongoing projects and other activities via email updates.

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Fundraising Plan

Here, we help you with:

  • Raising funds/donations from individual donors
  • Regular updates on your website (content provided by your volunteers every week. We need videos and images along with some details about the media)
  • 8 posts on Facebook and Twitter per month
  • Personalized newsletters to your existing donors/month (max 6000 total emails – name, email address required)
  • Facebook paid marketing (promote your fundraising campaign on Facebook)
  • Remind people that visited your website to come back and visit again (through Facebook and Google remarketing)
  • Monthly reporting


  • Regular web updates help you to keep your web presence up-to-date (if we manage your website)
  • Regular Facebook and Twitter posts help you to share your stories on social media.
  • Your followers will always be updated about your organization activities e.g. your ongoing projects, events, volunteering programs, your existing donors will get regular updates about your ongoing projects, campaigns and other activities via email updates.
  • Donations goal =  Guaranteed amount per 3 months
  • Shares on social media sites = 300 new shares  in 3 months (300 shares * 200 friends/connections avg. = 60,000 more people will see your work/projects)
  • Potential future donors = 300 new email addresses subscription in 3 months.
  • Minimum 15,000 visitors on your website  over 3 months
  • Showing your work to people that previously visited your website.
  • Monthly reports
  • Money back guarantee = if at least 50% of funding goal is not met in 3 months, partial money will be refunded.

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Why work with us?

Good question. We practice what we preach. The tips we shared above? That’s exactly what we do for you. We will:

  • Make sure that your website is the least of your worries. It will be mobile friendly, fast and will be optimized to convert visitors into donors. We will update your website with your stories regularly.
  • Maintain your social media presence including regular monitoring, posting, scheduling and reporting updates (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.). We will start getting you noticed online and bring more traffic to you.
  • Find new donors from social media, facebook ads, online promotional channels
  • Create and manage databases of current and potential donors, volunteers.
  • Engage previous donors and encourage them to donate more or share your story on their social media profiles
  • Draft and distribute news releases, media alerts and other stories

You would no longer have to:

  • Hunt and train volunteers about the same things again and again. Most volunteers are short term staff anyway – why spend that much time and energy training when you are going to lose them soon?
  • Spend time nurturing relationships with people that might donate in the future. We will put the power of marketing automation to work for you. When the time is right, we will also ask these people to donate.
  • Beg some young techie to spare their time to update your website or your social media profile.
  • Try to master google adwords or facebook ads. We are certified professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is it and how is it different from other web-designing services?

  1. First and foremost.. we manage your IT & marketing while you run your nonprofit. We do provide you with standard web designs (if you don’t have any) but that’s not what we are offering here. Think about the various IT & marketing related tasks you have to handle on a daily basis – managing contacts, creating and promoting events, managing donors, donations, volunteers.. all those important but time consuming tasks.. that’s what we help with.
  2. Think of our Managed IT services as third-party administrators of your nonprofit. Complete data management, web designing, social media management,  technologies & process management, – in other words, we become your IT department or an extension of your IT department.
  3. Our Managed IT/Business Solution helps your nonprofit budget for the entire fiscal year. For a fixed monthly fee, all of your IT services will be covered, all within your budget. Our unique solution provides nonprofits cloud-based systems, support, and strategic IT management.

In database management service what data will you manage and how it will be helpful to us?

Data management consists of your contacts, members i.e volunteers, events data, records, reports and details of your campaigns: Get a single view of your constituents level of engagement within your organization. Import & export contacts with multiple emails, phone numbers etc. Tag and classify contacts anyway you want so you can report accordingly Track and nurture relationships, member interactions automatically.

How much will it cost us?

Our managed services pricing is based on a minimum 1 yr commitment and is very simple. We have plans according to your organization size and budget. All the plans are broken up into two parts ..  a) On-boarding cost and b) Monthly cost. These range from $500-$5000/month.

What is “onboarding“ cost? Why do we have to pay it?

You are charged a one-time fee for on-boarding process, it includes the man-hours invested in designing website, implementing payment gateway and connecting with CRM and on-boarding your previous database to the cloud for better performance. We also create or redesign your social profile.

Why do we have to pay a monthly fee?

We work actively side by side with you as a branch of your Nonprofit organization. This includes daily activities such as managing a website, updating content, events and case management as well as daily/weekly and monthly accounting & reporting.

What is your client base and since when have you been in business?

We are New York based I.T. company providing technology solutions since 2010 to micro businesses as well as large enterprises. We have been in business long enough to overcome any technological difficulties nonprofits are facing today.

My nonprofit operates in different city. Can I opt in for your managed service?

Yes for sure, Managed Business Services is for every NGO looking to manage all their IT services for a fixed monthly fee. All our communications are via email , phone or other online communication tools like Trello.

Do you visit my office to collect data or when I have a problem?

No, all our employees and support staff operate from our offices. You are assigned a dedicated team and a coordinator to help resolve your problems over a call and/or net meeting.

Do you promise any fixed donations, how much funds will you raise for me in one year?

Sorry, we don’t make any false commitments and underperform thereafter. We give you a better handle on your non-profit business with advanced reporting and business intelligence on memberships, donations, improved communications, team coordination, management & reporting, etc. But we do assure you our work speaks for our capabilities.

Is my nonprofit’s data secure with you?

Yes, your data is 100% safe with us. We leverage the latest security advancements in cloud-computing and every employee at Nisos technologies is bound by a non disclosure agreement. We will also sign an agreement with your organization which helps you to understand our policies better.

What details do I need to provide to start your managed services?

The first step after signing up for the service is for us to have a diagnostic meeting with you. This allows us to understand your current and future vision. NisosTech then creates a roadmap for the next 12 months to match your growth objectives. We will then migrate all your data (users, projects, events etc), set up/integrate all required tools, payment gateways, website hosting to the secure cloud. Once these activities are performed, we will accelerate your marketing journey towards success.

After our initial consult, the following details are required to start our engagement.

  1. Your domain and web hosting credentials
  2. Your previous database (we will send you the format)
  3. Your project details in brief with images
  4. Login details of your social accounts

After signing the contract our project manager will contact you and discuss all required content in details

I can’t afford your services. Can you help?

Or course! We completely understand that we are not for every nonprofit. However, we share a lot of tips and tricks in our blog.

Need help with fundraising, IT & marketing? Take the first step today by contacting us (click here to email us or reach out on nonprofithelp [at] nisostech [dot] com)