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We believe that software is just a natural extension of human’s emotions. Be it web or mobile applications – we are “always connected” consumers and software is an intricate part of our daily desires, needs and behaviors. We concentrate on creating user experiences that connect with your customers in a human centric, emotional way.

How we work with you

Research and interviews

Everyone “believes” that their software needs to look and feel a certain way. The first step of our engagement is the discovery/research process. During research, our team spends time in understanding the target users and domain(s) and extends it to evaluating your competition’s weaknesses and strengths as well.

Ideally, we’d like to interview a handful of your target customers and users, but we understand that this might not always be possible. It’s important at this stage that we ask the right questions and collect our data in an unbiased manner.

Wireframes and design

Wireframes and final design comparison

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Wireframes to the final design

We start with simple sketches on paper and MockFlow to make sure the basic flow between page views works well. With some informal testing and after presenting our approach to you and making any needed corrections, we begin the high-fidelity design. Once again, we present designs for the major screen views and get your feedback on them.
When we have the major views designed, we create a static HTML prototype or an invisionapp prototype for testing purposes. The prototype is interactive and resembles what the finished product will look like, but is not fully functional.

Final Design Samples

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