Serious about your business? So are we.

We’re lean, agile software development practitioners. We understand your risks, your concerns and have been a software as a service company before. Put us on your team to accelerate your business growth. No sales people, no endless meetings, just concentrate on product development and going to market ASAP.

We understand your risks

  • You have a limited budget to bring your vision to life.
  • You need to go to market with your vision and validate whether it fits the market needs.
  • You need to iterate until you find the product market fit.
  • Unless you go to market fast, competitors will steal your customers.
  • Unless you can iterate fast, customers will put you on the back-burner.
  • You cannot get more budget unless you see the gap between your product and your market closing.
  • You don’t have time to build this expertise in-house as it is too risky.
  • You need to be able to wind down if the demand dries up.
  • You have no time nor budget to spend on R&D.
  • … list goes on… trust us, we’ve been there and faced all these challenges ourselves.

Problems we can solve for you

  • Getting digital products to market fast without having to build the internal team expertise. Most companies are looking to go to market fast. This means developing the MVP without compromising on quality, going to market, iterating until you find the product-market fit.  Of course, once the product market fit is achieved, you can build out your own development team. Leverage our agile software product engineering expertise for that.
  • Your team is out there pushing your software but almost all your customers are asking for your product to play well with their existing investment in other software. These integrations aren’t a core part of your product, so is there any reason why you need to build an engineering team for that? Nope, that’s where you leverage people like us. We help your software business to win more deals by integrating with or building your partner ecosystem. Leverage our custom software development expertise for that.
  • Struggling with geolocation based solutions? Talk to us – we have tools like GeoSimulator and GeoMarketer to help you with geolocation based challenges.

Know this – With us you’ll get the care and attention that only a small business can give you.


So.. why work with us?

A simple google search will tell you that there are many firms doing similar things. Some concentrate on software development and others concentrate on marketing. Some actually do both (very few).

Sure, there are many companies that are vying for your business. Just like us, many of them are rock solid as well. Most will over promise and under deliver. Some, like us, will under promise & over deliver (we have the industry rare 100% client retention rate).

  • We are, what we call, perfect sized. We are not so big that you are just an “account”. We are not so small that we need to subcontract your work to others. We only take on the projects we can handle in-house. We are the perfect size that allows us to give you personalized care without corporate mumbo-jumbo.
  • Each engagement is led by a partner whose job depends on your satisfaction. This allows us to put our skin in the game.
  • You own your intellectual property under NDA. We have launched SaaS and mobile products before and know how important it is to you. Each employee signs a non-disclosure, non-compete and confidentiality agreement. We’ve got you covered.
  • We don’t have expensive sales people nor a huge marketing spend. This translates to less overhead and cost savings to you.
  • We have launched SaaS products ourselves (separate line of business)

See our work with enterprises like Amazon Web Services, Gigaspaces, Magnacare, Mt Sinai (among others)

We’re your perfect partner if you answer yes to any of these…

  • You believe that cloud technologies will give you an incredible advantage over your competition.
  • You want to focus on what you or your team does best.
  • You want a proactive IT team that you don’t have to micromanage.
  • You are a strong believer in fixed, predictable monthly IT budgets.
  • You are looking to streamline how you work with your customers, partners and vendors.
  • You want a partner that takes ownership of their work and goes the extra mile.
  • You have some experience with outsourcing software development companies and are looking for a technology partner that’s 100% reliable.
  • You are looking for a partner to advise you on how technology can digitally transform your business.
  • Should your budget allow only for offshore development, you are comfortable working with a global delivery team.

Interested? Find out how we work with you

Testimonials of our work

  Nisos Technologies was knowledgeable and very quick to respond. Their team offered many hours of free consultation to help develop the strategy. Their value went way beyond the job….

CEO, Restaurant Industry

The project was finished within a month. Nisos was extremely responsive and proactive throughout, resulting in a great finished product.

CEO, Retail Firm

Nisos does really high-quality work. Any time we have a problem, they will fix it really quickly. They have been able to understand all our questions, and they implemented the…

CEO, Tax accounting platform

The approach that they took was very customer-focused. We received frequent updates, and they set up the development to be an open process in terms of their internal discussions and…

COO, Idea management platform

They’re very professional and very detailed. Their work shows a depth of understanding, not only of the technology but also of the market. It’s unique to see people that actually…

Deputy CTO, GigaSpaces

I was very impressed with the level of work I got from them. Nisos had the ability to assess my needs, take an old broken-down database and reverse engineer it…

CEO, vFit Technologies

I rarely say this about any teams or individuals, but I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Nisos Technologies’s performance and delivery of work. Everything was delivered…

CEO, Nonprofit fundraising platform

One other thing that was unique was that they used a very consultative approach. I felt more like I was working with somebody that understood there were business issues involved…

CEO, Email marketing platform