How much does it cost to develop custom software for (insert a problem here)

Everything depends on your own risk appetite, your budget and the kind of control you want on the project. Price ranges (hourly) can be from $20 – $250. Project budget ranges can be from $10-$1MM +. Again, depends on how you approach working with the development partner, who you choose to work with (this depends on your risk profile), what your budget is and what outcome you are looking for.

when to use agile development and when not to

When to use agile development and when not to

I have helped small startups and enterprises such as AWS, Brighton Healthplan solutions, Gigaspaces etc. I had built my consulting business on an agile mindset. I have failed, succeeded and learnt my own lessons. In my experience, not many understand the agile mindset inherently, nor are ready organizationally for agile development.. However, here are my thoughts on how you could look at agile development, whether your organization is ready for it, what you need to do to be prepared etc.

Process Management In Outsourced Product Development

When you are handling a large scale outsourced product development effort, ensure that your process owners or managers are educated to appreciate the relevance of these processes and manage them effectively. The process areas include inter-project activities with respect to definition, planning, implementation, deployment, and monitoring processes, as well as measuring, controlling, appraising and improving processes.