Technologies We Use & Success Stories

Global HTTP Session Replication

“They’re very professional and very detailed. Their work shows a depth of understanding, not only of the technology but also of the market. It’s unique to see people that actually can leverage both of these to educate a community and customers, and bring these two elements together. It’s not easy, but they do it very well.” Deputy CTO, Software middleware company

Real time change data capture solution

“Nisos Technologies’s ability to understand the market really sets them apart. This is cutting-edge technology with so many moving targets. From what we’ve seen, they deliver very well, and we’re planning to use them for many other projects in the future.” 
Deputy CTO, Software middleware company

White label email marketing platform

“One other thing that was unique was that they used a very consultative approach. I felt more like I was working with somebody that understood there were business issues involved and that we were going to use software to solve those issues together.” CEO, Email Marketing platform


Patented footwear e-commerce platform

“I was very impressed with the level of work I got from them. Nisos had the ability to assess my needs, take an old broken-down database and reverse engineer it in order to get it up and running, and modernize it. We were working under a really tight budget and some tight timelines.” 
CEO, Footwear ecommerce platform


Nonprofit business management & fundraising software

“I rarely say this about any teams or individuals, but I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Nisos Technologies’s performance and delivery of work. Everything was delivered before the scheduled date and the quality of work was fantastic.”, CEO, Nonprofit tech company


Idea management Software

“The approach that they took was very customer-focused. We received frequent updates, and they set up the development to be an open process in terms of their internal discussions and how they figured out the implementation of various aspects.” COO Idea management platform


Digital transformation of tax accounting practice

“Nisos does really high-quality work. Any time we have a problem, they will fix it really quickly. They have been able to understand all our questions, and they implemented the design we gave them really successfully” 
Co-Founder, Tax & Accounting platform


Multi-channel, retail & e-commerce solution

“Nisos Technologies was knowledgeable and very quick to respond. Their team offered many hours of free consultation to help develop the strategy. Their value went way beyond the job. Their CEO, Ronnie Guha, is a professional and always makes himself available for advice and feedback. Their work lived up to expectations and often they were able to improvise solutions to things without getting bogged down with every single detail. They have a good method of keeping a project moving forward.” CEO, Organic Retail & Ecommerce company

Digital transformation of education at Mt Sinai

While some of these digital transformations call for a “boil the ocean” approach, what can an educator do for quick wins? Faculty members at the dermatology department of Mt Sinai answered this question via a simple mobile app. The basic idea was to allow students “carry” their education with them on their mobile phones via a simple app. The mobile app simply presents students with a series of questions on various topics of interest and importance. Students can take the quiz on any topic, search for and research various topics at their leisure, on the subway, while watching TV.. anytime, anyplace.


Digital business platform for healthcare practitioners

A joint venture between a healthcare practice and healthcare e-commerce company taking their combined offerings to the digital world. The mobile app allowed both businesses to better understand their customers & contributed significantly to lead generation. The basic idea was to offer up a free app for potential patients/customers to get more information about ergonomic best practices. Patients could self diagnose or book a consultation or purchase recommended ergonomic products.


A niche real estate advertising platform

A real estate tech company that aims to make it easier for home buyers and renters to evaluate and hire realtors. The idea was very similar to Trulia, in that it created a niche and highly targeted / segmented audience of real estate buyers and sellers. The business model included ad revenues from brokerages and real estate related offerings.

Custom Healthcare E-Commerce Platform

We co-created a custom healthcare e-commerce platform for a client where diagnostic centers, clinics, labs, hospitals can list their services and products – just like brands do on Amazon. Consumers and patients, similarly have the ability to browse, compare, book, purchase these services at their convenience.


Clinic Management System

One of our customers needed a clinic / lab management SaaS platform that would be suited for managing both small clinics / healthcare practices and also large providers with multiple clinics, locations etc. The goal was to create an intuitive and easy to use outpatient management system that could handle OP registration, billing, appointments, various treatments, pricing etc.


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