Select Success Stories Of Our Clients

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Over the years, we have worked with several businesses – from giants like Amazon to startups. Here are a few of our clients’ success stories

AMS/ServiceNow scoped app

Amazon Web Services had launched their managed services offering (AMS) in Dec 2016. While that worked well, most of their enterprise customers wanted to integrate AMS within the context of their ITSM/ITOM software – ServiceNow. AWS product managers needed to launch a ServiceNow store app that would help their customers and MSPs that worked with their largest customers. We helped AWS develop the AMS Integration app that allows customers to create managed resources in AWS and get a common view of all resources and processes across all environments via ServiceNow. ServiceNow is just one of the various ITSM platforms that AMS needs to integrate with. AWS could have easily hired their own team of ServiceNow developers, trained them, had them develop the product. But this doesn’t really provide the ROI nor does it make any sense in doing so. Together, we developed this solution in less than 4 months. A win-win for both AWS’ sales team and customers.

BHPS Member engagement app

Brighton HealthPlan Solutions’ “Create” platform is the first health care marketplace in the New York and New Jersey area that partners directly with integrated health systems of doctors and hospitals to improve care and reduce costs. Recognizing the importance of member engagement and the fact that the world is driven by mobile these days, the technology and marketing teams at BHPS needed to build a mobile app for member engagement. Instead of building a mobile app development team, related expertise and the associated overhead, BHPS reached out to us to become an extension of their web development teams. We developed this member management app with 50+ screens in 5 months. A win-win for both BHPS’s marketing team and their customers.

Gigaspaces – Global HTTP session replication

GigaSpaces provides the leading in-memory computing platform for fast data analytics and extreme transaction processing. While they are the leaders in high performance computing, their customers typically need the product to fit tightly within their investments in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 on mainframes etc. GigaSpaces sales teams typically need to beat these incumbents and GigaSpaces wanted to put these “bake offs” to bed, once and for all. We helped GigaSpaces develop a “delta server” (mainframe MIPS offloading solution) by integrating GigaSpaces XAP with Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server. This allowed their customers to propagate real time change data from any data source to GigaSpaces XAP for further processing. We developed this custom software in less than 4 weeks. A win-win for both GigaSpaces’ sales team and customers.


Gigaspaces – Real time change data capture solution

It’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to share HTTP session data across multiple data centers, multiple web server instances or different types of web servers. The GigaSpaces XAP.NET ASP.NET Session State Store architecture allows users to deploy their web application across multiple data centers where the session is shared in real-time and in a transparent manner. The HTTP session is also backed by a data grid cluster within each data center for fault tolerance and high-availability. With this solution, there is no need to deploy a database to store the session, so you avoid the use of expensive database replication across multiple sites.

Change data capture to in memory data grid

Clinic management system

One of our customers needed a clinic / lab management SaaS platform that would be suited for managing both small clinics / healthcare practices and also large providers with multiple clinics, locations etc. The goal was to create an intuitive and easy to use outpatient management system that could handle OP registration, billing, appointments, various treatments, pricing etc.


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Healthcare provider directory, real time appointments

We co-created a healthcare provider locator and booking platform for a client where patients, have the ability to browse, compare, book, purchase services from diagnostic centers, clinics, labs, hospitals at their convenience.


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Mt Sinai hospital – learning management system

While some of these digital transformations call for a “boil the ocean” approach, what can an educator do for quick wins? Faculty members at the dermatology department of Mt Sinai answered this question via a simple mobile app. The basic idea was to allow students “carry” their education with them on their mobile phones via a simple app. The mobile app simply presents students with a series of questions on various topics of interest and importance. Students can take the quiz on any topic, search for and research various topics at their leisure, on the subway, while watching TV.. anytime, anyplace.


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Patient engagement app for a physical therapy practice

A joint venture between a healthcare practice and healthcare e-commerce company taking their combined offerings to the digital world. The mobile app allowed both businesses to better understand their customers & contributed significantly to lead generation. The basic idea was to offer up a free app for potential patients/customers to get more information about ergonomic best practices. Patients could self diagnose or book a consultation or purchase recommended ergonomic products.

Healthcare ecommerce app

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vFit – patented footwear e-commerce platform

E-commerce platforms for most other items might work well but for footwear, typical e-commerce platforms are not perfect. You cannot guarantee if the shoe fits nor can you really get the feel of the shoe with your foot in it. The goal was to predict a shoe shopper’s fit in any given shoe as accurately as possible using a mobile app (to take multiple images of their feet). Thereafter, when the shopper visits our client’s e-commerce website, their fit into any shoe we predicted accurately.

Nisos Technologies - ecommerce platform development

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Multi-channel, retail & e-commerce solution

Restaurants are transforming from the traditional way of taking orders over phones or by a physical visit of the patrons. Technology is at the heart of that transformation, powering many of the features designed to draw in customers and keep them there longer. Digital transformation is not only helping restaurant owners move to digital form from traditional methods but also helping in cost savings in manpower,  inventory and more effective marketing to patrons, both inside and away from the establishment. The goal was to leverage technology as a differentiator for this restaurant and grocery business.


Nonprofit fundraising platform

Every non-profit needs help with running their day to day businesses – regardless of their size or funding. They need help with events, fund raising, volunteers, social and community outreach, donations, donor management etc. – the list is a long one. We co-created a SaaS option and be able to support 1000s of non-profits along with all their team members and team members’ activities.


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Social Media Reputation Monitoring platform

Social Media Reputation Monitoring has become an important aspect of business marketing today. Presence in social media, managing content relevant to inbound marketing, maintaining reputation on the web, number of quality hits to a company’s website are some of the key ingredients of marketing that organizations look forward to these days. With digital media becoming the predominant marketing tool, social media monitoring has achieved significance. We co-created a social media monitoring platform for nonprofits.

social media monitoring tool

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Reseller, white label email marketing platform

The challenge was to create a white label and reseller based email marketing platform that would allow marketing agencies to resell the email marketing platform functionality along with their marketing services for a neat profit. Our challenge was to create all these custom functionality into a scalable, robust solution

White Label Email Marketing And Newsletter Platform

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Niche real estate advertising platform

A real estate tech company that aims to make it easier for home buyers and renters to evaluate and hire realtors. The idea was very similar to Trulia, in that it created a niche and highly targeted / segmented audience of real estate buyers and sellers. The business model included ad revenues from brokerages and real estate related offerings.


Geolocation based real estate platform

Customer management app for a tax accounting practice

Needless to say, most tax, accounting and financial practices are under intense competition. So how does a small business/accounting practice compete? Considering that millennials are becoming the consumers of the future and are “always on”, “always connected”, demand answers instantly, how does a traditionally “closed” practice as tax accounting stay relevant to their customers of today and tomorrow? How do they market to millennials? How do they engage with them all year long? How do they make this customer “sticky”?


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Idea management software

The business challenge was to bring together creative, artistic, and entrepreneurial people to conceive new ideas, connect with each other, and create successful businesses. The initial idea was vetted out by creating an MVP using BuddyPress. The founders predicted that creating a private social network with all the social networking capabilities would allow the business to achieve its goals.

Web Application Development Services - social networking

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Personality assessment tool for career development

Personality assessment tools of job candidates like JTPW, JTT etc have been around for a while. According to the results of a 2014 survey of 344 Society for Human Resource Management members, about 22 percent use these test to evaluate job candidates while many other organizations use the tests for career development. Reportedly, this $500-million-a-year industry has grown by about 10 percent annually in recent years.

While personality tests certainly have their place, a better way to evaluate a candidate is through social recruiting tools. The basic idea is to have users sign up and connect their social profiles with friends’ network to the app.

Social recruiting app

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