We created a clinic / lab management SaaS platform that would be suited for managing both small clinics / healthcare practices and also large providers with multiple clinics, locations etc. The goal was to create an intuitive and easy to use outpatient management system that could handle OP registration, billing, appointments, various treatments, pricing etc.

Read below about the various functionality available.

Organization set up

  • Set up your entire organization / corporation the way that works for you
  • Tie in a corporate or corporation with a provider hub
  • Set main contacts for each hub/corporate
  • Set up profiles of each one of your locations
  • Set up various lines of businesses the way you want (labs, scans etc)

User management

  • Create users with fine grained, role based access
  • Users of the platform can have super administrator, clinic administrator, support user, payments administrator etc roles.
  • Show/hide various functionality of the clinic management system to users based on their role

Provider hub

  • An administrator can create as many providers as needed.
  • A provider can set up their corporate entity profile
  • A provider can associate various users and roles with their business

Referral hub

  • Set up your doctor referrals / referral network

Center master

  • Provider administrators can create as many centers as their business requires
  • Each center can be maintained with complete address and associated with specific users that operate that center
  • Each center can be activated/deactivated at any time

Business master

  • Provider administrators can set up their lines of businesses as they require to.
  • Each line of business (e.g. scan, lab, checkup packages) can be set up and activated/deactivated as and when deemed fit.

Procedure master

  • Providers can set up various procedures associated with any business, department
  • Each procedure can be set up with pre-requisites with full descriptions of the procedures themselves

Specialcare master

  • Providers can set up special care for packages for each business/department/center

Department master

  • Providers can set up departments associated with their businesses
  • Each department (e.g. MRI, CT, Ultrasound etc) can be tied to business codes as created using the business master details


  • Each center can be set up to have its own operating days and hours
  • Each center can set up to allow bookings at specific times
  • Each center can decide on booking time slots to make available for patients


  • Each provider and center can manage their list of pricing for various procedures
  • Pricing can be listed against the duration of the procedure and also the patient rate vs the reseller rates
  • Create care package offerings from your inventory


  • Each department can be mapped against modalities that they carry/support
  • Each modality can be described in detail (e.g. GE, GE 6 Slice CT) and activated/deactivated at any time


  • Each provider can maintain a list of insurances that they accept
  • Accepted insurance can be mapped against a patient’s insurance while they are searching for and booking care

Center mapping

  • Each center of a provider can maintain a list of procedures they support
  • Each center of a provider can maintain a list of businesses they support
  • Each center of a provider can maintain a list of departments they support

Modality mapping

  • Each center of a provider can maintain a list of modalities they support for a specific department and modality

Center modalities

  • Providers and clinic admins can maintain the total modalities available at that center

Provider mapping

  • A provider can choose from a large database of procedures to map to itself
  • Reduced errors and duplication of efforts for provider-procedure mapping


  • Easy, single pane view of bookings, cancellations, no shows
  • Simple patient contact information shown as cards
  • Check appointments and bookings across centers, clinics etc
  • Filter appointments based on procedure, modality, locations

Booking Receipts

  • Easily view booking receipts of patients that have pre-paid.
  • Send booking receipts on-demand to patients