You can actually click on the various screens of this design to experience the app. Or, you can download the iOS app or the Android app.

Let’s face it – every business is facing rising competition every single day. More and more nimble providers are disrupting industries with new business models. Occupational therapy practice is no different.
How does a practice owner maintain their edge?
How does a healthcare provider generate more leads, convert them to customers and thereafter, stand a chance of gaining a long term, repeat customer?
How does a practitioner provide preventive healthcare?
How do they remain in touch with their patients?
How do they provide managed healthcare?
How does one satisfy this ever connected, always “googling WebMD” kind of customers of these days?

Well, there are a couple of ways you can actually benefit from this digital disruption taking place today.

Your patients come to you because of your knowledge & experience. Just like every customer of any professional services business seeks out the firm that seems most knowledgeable and most experienced. You also know very well that while other therapists might have the same education that you do – nothing can substitute your experience & your personal judgement.

Showcase & democratize your knowledge to folks that could be your future patients
Much like every other professional services firm, most patients reach out to you (providers) after they have researched you and are comfortable with your expertise. Most of this research happens without you even knowing it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your knowledge.

Does this mean that your patients would just solve their problems without consulting you? That couldn’t be further away from the truth. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have a business due to WebMD or google.

Rather, patients would be connected ever closer to you and your business. When the time is right and when they feel comfortable with your expertise, you’d have a customer that already knows you and trusts you.

Today your business might be limited to the neighborhood that you practice in or the city you serve. With digital business transformation occurring everywhere, there is no reason to limit your expertise and customer base to just your neighborhood. While there’s certainly an aspect of having to physically see your patient, there is no reason that some parts of your practice couldn’t be done via the latest video and photo tools available these days. You could be treating a patient in LA remotely while your practice is in NYC!

So, where are these new patients that you need so much to grow your practice?

Mobile phones and laptops have people glued to these devices most of their day. While that certainly creates ample reasons for folks to require occupational therapists, it is also the single best source of new business for your practice.

Not only for new patients… having a relationship with your patients via their mobile phones and apps opens up a whole new set of possibilities for you, your practice and your patients.

We helped an occupational therapist solve exactly these challenges via a mobile app. Simple, effective and a lead generation machine. See for yourself.