A ConsumerTech company that aims to change the way personality checks of job candidates are conducted.

Business Challenge

Personality assessment tools of job candidates like JTPW, JTT etc have been around for a while. According to the results of a 2014 survey of 344 Society for Human Resource Management members, about 22 percent use these test to evaluate job candidates while many other organizations use the tests for career development. Reportedly, this $500-million-a-year industry has grown by about 10 percent annually in recent years.

While personality tests certainly have their place, a better way to evaluate a candidate is through social recruiting tools. The basic idea is to have users sign up and connect their social profiles with friends’ network to the app. Once the social networks are connected, each user would be prompted to “rate” their friends based on various aspects of their personality. An aggregated rating would then be calculated based on feedback received from various ratings.

The challenge was to make it fun and engaging for users to connect their various social profiles and further more, to actually “rate” their friends.

Our solution

Nisos Technologies solved these challenges by creating a mobile app that’s easy to use and engaging for all users. We employed the familiar Tinder like interface technique of swiping cards left/right to allow users browse their friends’ profiles (friends they’d like to rate).

In the backend, the web application connected the various social profiles of the same individual so that an aggregated rating could be calculated.


  • Fully functional, robust iOS & Android mobile apps
  • A scalable backend that can support millions of users

Technologies used

iOS, Android, Java, MonkeyTalk

Services used

  • Mobile application development

Duration: 2 months
Total Effort: 4 man-months