Every non-profit needs help with running their day to day businesses – regardless of their size or funding. They need help with events, fund raising, volunteers, social and community outreach, donations, donor management etc. – the list is a long one.

At the heart of any non profit’s business management are donations and volunteers. Micro donations from kindred souls are an absolute must and a nice uplift. However, most non profits would readily agree that corporate donations are really what fund bulk of their operations.

Most large enterprises have their corporate social responsibility programs that go hand in hand with a non-profits missions. But at the heart of things – non profits need to understand that corporations are really looking beyond the immediate sponsorship opportunity.

Corporations are looking for a marketing opportunity for themselves. They are looking at avenues of aligning themselves with causes that can market their brand – the services, products, goods etc that their organization stands for.

While platforms like Salesforce NGO Connect, Classy, GiveGab fill various parts of the non profits business management – marketing is largely left up to the non profit themselves. At the same time, non-profits struggle with managing their program data, demographic data and daily volunteer activities. Gaining much needed visibility into their program analytics is crucial for operational excellence.

We co-created a SaaS option and be able to support 1000s of non-profits along with all their team members and team members’ activities.

Connected everything

One of the biggest things nonprofits need help with is .. no, not funding (although that’s just as important).. but staff time itself! A nonprofit’s business operations span constituents that are donors, volunteers, full time staff, part time staff, subscribers etc. There’s a whole slew of paper trail, audit and reporting requirements on top of grant management/ fundraising, email newsletters, updates.. the list is long. Nonprofits need a ways to spend less time on administration and more time delivering quality programs.

Project & Program Management

Every non-profit needs help with running their day to day businesses – regardless of their size or funding. They need help with events, fund raising, volunteers, social and community outreach, donations, donor management etc. – the list is a long one.

Less time on paperwork

The ability to maintain all programs and projects in one central location along with the entire history of data helps nonprofits cut down the time they spend on paperwork. It further helps reduce the time staff spends on piecing the various parts of their business together. All media and documents related to cases and projects are centrally located and securely stored in the cloud.

Team Management

The platform helps nonprofits manage various kinds of constituents. Each nonprofit wrangles with managing volunteers, full and part time team members,  supporters. On top of this, many a time, teams have to be put together in a moment’s notice to address an emergency. Managing this manually is close to impossible for most nonprofits – the platform helps centralize everything.

User Management

Who wants to spend time manually on-boarding new team members, volunteers, subscribers, donors etc? This usually involves requesting demographic and profile information from each individual member. To save time, the platform allows a nonprofit administrator to simply send invitations to people they want to onboard. Upon receiving the invitation each member can onboard themselves.

Activity Management

One of the core activities of most volunteers is to provide regular updates to the nonprofit. Without such daily/weekly updates it’s nearly impossible to further a nonprofit’s mission. The platform encourages easy collaboration among staff, funders, members, volunteers and other supporters.

Donation Management

The platform helps nonprofits manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment. It also allows individual donations and corporate grants. The donation processes, required documents, stages of fundraising, and routine tasks are automated. The entire process comes enriched with appropriate workflows.

Donor Management

Managing donors is of course, a large part of managing a nonprofit. Communicating meaningfully with a donor and having a complete picture of your donors, volunteers, clients helps a nonprofit immensely. Activity history, giving history, programs and events attended – all contribute towards a full picture of a nonprofit’s donors.

Branding – Design Pages

Need to design the look and feel of  your brand? This platform allows you to build trust with your constituents via beautiful & intuitive designs – all drag and drop. You don’t need an IT person or a developer to create a microsite or a landing page. It’s simple, design driven and allows you to further your nonprofit’s brand.

Microsites Management

Creating micro sites should be easy – that’s the motto we have followed while creating this platform. Every project can have its own microsite that a nonprofit can market to its community. Grant and donation management is integrated with the micro sites. In addition, all media from project related activity updates are automatically integrated with your microsite.

Social reputation monitoring

Being able to understand a donors’ social interests, social profiles allows nonprofits to target them better. In addition, since a lot of today’s communications are happening on social media, this allows a nonprofit to monitor their reputation online. Brand mentions, tweets/retweets can be managed with minimal tech overhead.

Social News Management

A nonprofit doesn’t operate in a vacuum – rather in a community, entrenched in its socio-economic conditions. Donors not only want to donate to a cause but also want to understand the context of that cause. The platform allowed for non profits to not only surface their causes, but also provide grass-roots reporting right from their communities.

Document Workflow

Grants, corporate donors and all activities of a nonprofit are subject to specific workflows.. most of which are managed manually by nonprofits. The platform allows a nonprofit to streamline their grants prospecting, management and reporting. Nonprofits can customize the workflow to meet their specific organizational process, more effectively manage grants, and demonstrate greater accountability.

Grant Management

Most nonprofits live and breathe on grants. But at the same time, each grant has its own reporting requirements, auditing requirements, workflow requirements. While managing various projects and programs, the platform helps nonprofits manage the overall project, grant, budget allocations, reporting etc.

Donors – group notifications

The platform allows a targeted way of prospecting with corporate donors. A nonprofit staff member can create a targeted list of prospects to raise capital from. Once responses and interest come in from various donors, staff can simply use group notifications to send personalized updates on the grant progress.

Marketing automation

Part of what nonprofit staff do on a regular basis is marketing management – reaching out to new donors, updating existing donors, prospecting corporates and their CSR programs etc. The platform allows staff to manage email templates that can be reused (with personalization of course) across various typical email communications.

Email templates

While there are newsletters that are sent out from nonprofits for general updates, each nonprofit also needs the ability to easily create and personalize email communication. The platform allows an easy to use, drag and drop responsive email builder for nonprofit staff to remain in personalized touch with their constituents.