A social networking tech startup that aims to bring the entrepreneurs and their support networks together.

Business challenge

The biggest challenge in entrepreneurship is to be able to find a community of help/supporters. Often times people have great ideas but lack the team and the support needed to make their ideas a reality.

The business challenge was to bring together creative, artistic, and entrepreneurial people to conceive new ideas, connect with each other, and create successful businesses. The initial idea was vetted out by creating an MVP using BuddyPress. The founders predicted that creating a private social network with all the social networking capabilities would allow the business to achieve its goals.

The platform needed to be scalable and allow for all social networking capabilities as the connected customer of today expects. Messaging (in app and offline, via email) were also going to be an important part of this platform. Q&As and community engagement were a very important aspect of the platform’s success.

Our solution

Nisos Technologies solved these challenges by creating a couple of web portals and web applications for the customer. We designed the web portals for the B2C side that had the typical feel of a social networking platform. For administering the platform, we created another web portal with typical admin functionality.

The platform administrator has the ability to manage all activities on the platform – e.g. ideas being submitted for approval, legal audit trail, members and their levels of memberships, comments moderation if required etc.

The users of the platform were given another web portal with all community and social engagement features that one would expect from a community cloud.

We integrated various best of breed software to achieve such a large amount of work in a considerably short period of time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]


  • Mulitple web apps, and B2C portals
  • A scalable social networking platform that can support millions of users

Technologies used

Grails, AngularJS, HTML5/CSS3, MySQL, Stormpath, Stripe Payment Gateway,, Sendgrid

Services used

  • Web application development
  • Custom software development

Duration: 3 months
Total Effort: 7 man months