Content marketers have to wear multiple hats and worry about all of these items. Most email marketing platforms allow content marketers to create emails (responsive or not) but don’t allow the ability to reuse various parts of the emails – e.g. headers, footers, bodies of the email. In most email marketing platforms, such customizations are lacking. These are deemed as an absolute necessity for scalable email marketing for agencies.

Traditional email marketing platforms also do not allow for managing their email marketing spend across their organization members. While some content marketers are more active than others in a company, an email marketing platform doesn’t allow an administrator to proactively allocate email marketing budget based on the success of their content marketers.

With the trend of social sharing and organizational collaboration via networking, email marketing platforms still didn’t allow for sharing of various parts/designs of their email templates.
The challenge was to create a white label and reseller based email marketing platform that would allow marketing agencies to resell the email marketing platform functionality along with their marketing services for a neat profit. Our challenge was to create all these custom functionality into a scalable, robust solution

Data Driven Marketing

  • Dashboards for resellers, partners, customers
  • Drill down deliverability at each level
  • Revenue drill down for channel performance
  • Custom billing for partners and customers

Contact & Suppression Lists

  • Custom Fields Import
  • Bulk Import Email Contacts
  • Segment Subscribers
  • Suppression Lists to filter contacts

Email Templates

  • Custom Email Templates
  • Start completely from scratch and build your own email template
  • Dynamic Content / mail merge
  • Standard & Responsive Design Templates
  • Full Email Editor

Team Management

  • Custom User Roles
  • Invitation based sign up
  • Finance vs designer vs marketer roles
  • Template sharing across team members & accounts

Responsive Designs

  • Traditional email designs
  • Responsive/Mobile email designs
  • Drag and drop email designer
  • Global Image Hosting
  • Image Editor

Shared Media Library & Templates

  • Share templates between team members
  • Share templates across companies/accounts
  • Shared media for easy campaign creation
  • Share header/footer/body of emails individually

Exclusion Lists

  • Exclude contacts or lists across campaigns
  • Runtime decision on which lists to exclude

Social Sharing & Integration

  • Integrate Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Share campaigns on any social platform
  • Share templates (header/body/footer/email) across social media
  • Accept friend requests/send friend requests

Reseller Support

  • 24×7 support for direct resellers
  • Reseller / partner decide on their support SLA
  • Separate knowledge portal and ticketing for resellers vs customers

Header/Footer/Body customization

  • Customize header separately from body and footer
  • Responsive header/footer/body design customization
  • Reuse headers/footers/bodies for white labeled content writing/marketing

Email Credits & Overages

  • Buy email credits for self or company
  • Allocate email credits between team members
  • Buy email overages for company wide coverage
  • Allocate overages at will at any time between team members

Recurring Subscription Newsletters

  • Create and sell your own RSN
  • Get paid for resellers / affiliate marketers reselling your RSNs
  • Price RSN separately from email credits
  • Offer RSN as a separate product for purchase


  • Static Segments
  • Dynamic Segments
  • Dynamic lists
  • Custom fields

Signup Forms

  • Marketing forms for collecting emails
  • Drag and drop sign up form builder
  • Integrate sign up form in marketing sets

Communication & Collaboration

  • Communicate with team members over campaigns
  • Communicate with accepted friends
  • Accept/send friend requests
  • Collaborate with designers of content writers for success

Audit & Logs

  • See your email logs
  • See organization email logs
  • Drill down logs based on partner, customer

Marketing Sets

  • Include headers from your/others’ templates
  • Include footers from your/others’ templates
  • Include bodies from your/others’ templates
  • Include RSNs from your/others’ templates
  • Include Contacts from your / team members’ lists
  • Include your / your team’s custom fields
  • Include contact info as part of the marketing set

Partner – Billing Options

  • Partner decided markup
  • Partner decided RSN pricing and markup
  • Partner driven products available to resellers and customers

Partner – Roll-up Reporting and Analytics

  • Drill down reseller revenues
  • Drill down LTV of customers
  • View performance of customers/resellers
  • View email delivery across customers/resellers

Partner – Feature Control

  • Allow marketer access to marketing functionality
  • Disallow finance dept access to marketing functionality
  • Allocate credits at will to best performing marketers
  • Allow sharing / creation of RSNs/templates

Partner – Comprehensive Admin Interface

  • Manage all customers
  • Manage all resellers
  • See roll up revenues – resellers vs customers
  • Manage team across customers and resellers
  • Manage email credits and overages