Clinic Management software

As a small clinic, you want to move patients through practice quickly and efficiently. You don’t want to deal with security related headaches, you don’t want patients feel that you are not updated with the latest and greatest technology.. All the while, not being bogged down with complex installations or being locked into proprietary software.

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Healthcare provider directory and online appointments

Want to acquire more patients via the digital channel? A robust provider directory and accepting online appointments strategy is the key. Your patients find your practice’s providers via your website provider directory and provider search.

Are you converting these “consumer minded” patients into appointments? If not, you’re missing out.

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Healthcare reputation management software

Healthcare practices need to monitor their online reputation and actively seek out positive patient reviews. Not only that, they also need to be engaged even more with patients to avoid losing them to outside their networks.

Our healthcare reputation management software helps you gain more online reviews from patients and monitor your online reputation 24×7.

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Health and wellness software for employers

Employers need to reduce their employee healthcare related costs while improve employee health and increasing engagement.

Studies show that up to 90+% of chronic diseases are related to employee lifestyles. While this directly translates to higher healthcare related costs for the employer, this also mandates that employers get more active in encouraging healthier behaviors from employees.

Empowering your employees with an “always available”, mobile first, health and wellness program will certainly improve employee behaviors & lower health risks.

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Learning management solutions for healthcare

Training needs can be related to compliance, pharmaceutical product education for your reps, preventive care training, image based e-learning or any organization specific training you might have.

Employee education requires time and resources. Why not leverage that mobile phone that each one of your employee has and carries with them all the time? Why not leverage that phone to deliver customized courses and allow them to get trained whenever, wherever they want?

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Physician Referral Management systems

A physician referral management software can truly help convert referrals into scheduled appointments. More than half of referring physicians don’t get to know whether their referred patients were scheduled, whether they showed up, what the specialist diagnosis was.

Studies have shown that > 45% of faxes referrals don’t convert into a scheduled appointment. These inefficiencies have bogged down our healthcare system and made it even more expensive than it has to be.

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Digital patient intake software

Can HIPAA compliant digital patient intake forms help your practice margins?

In short – yes. Digital patient intake forms software or kiosks can help you improve your healthcare practice’s dwindling margins. With the latest advancements in cloud based technologies, these are not only possible but many of these features can be availed at little to no cost per month.

The longer term ROI is tremendous – be it in mobile pre-registration, insurance card uploads, eligibility verification, appointment reminders/follow ups etc.

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